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All bird photographs taken

 ‘on tour’

are opportunity shots by

Peter Ericsson   

Copyright © Birding2asia 2008-2011. All rights reserved.


B2A Sulawesi & Halmahera 2011 tour report

11 – 28 August


Participants ; Keith Blomerley, Theo Buchholz, Richard Winspear, Simon Wotton

Tour leaders ; Peter Ericsson & Royke Mananta


Tour list and photos by Peter Ericsson


Lesser Frigatebird   Fregata ariel

Recorded on 3 days at Halmahera.


Great-billed Heron   Ardea sumatrana


Purple Heron   Ardea purpurea


Little Egret   Egretta garzetta


Pacific Reef-Heron   Egretta sacra



Javan Pond-Heron   Ardeola speciosa


Cattle Egret   Bubulcus ibis


Little Heron   Butorides striatus


Cinnamon Bittern   Ixobrychus cinnamomeus

on route to Ambang and field near Palu


Wandering Whistling-Duck   Dendrocygna arcuata

1 day at Dumoga Bone, 50 – 80 birds


Sunda Teal   Anas gibberifrons

1 day  Dumoga-Bone, 20 – 30 birds


Barred Honey-buzzard   Pernis celebensis   Near-endemic

1 seen perched


Black Kite   Milvus migrans

2 days at Gunung Ambang


Brahminy Kite   Haliastur indus

Almost daily


White-bellied Sea-Eagle   Haliaeetus leucogaster

1 day


Lesser Fish-Eagle   Ichthyophaga humilis   Near-threatened (NT)

1 at Dumoga Bone


Sulawesi Serpent-Eagle   Spilornis rufipectus   Country endemic

6 days


Vinous-breasted Sparrowhawk  Accipiter  rhodogaster  Country endemic

1 day at Tangkoko


Sulawesi Goshawk   Accipiter griseiceps   Country endemic

1 day, Sulawesi


Spot-tailed Goshawk   Accipiter trinotatus   Country endemic

heard at Ambang and on route from Lore Lindu to Palu


Variable Goshawk  Accipiter hiogaster

1 day


Moluccan Goshawk  Accipiter henicogrammus Country endemic

3 days at Halmahera


Small Sparrowhawk   Accipiter nanus   Near-threatened (NT)   Country endemic

heard at Ambang, seen at Lore Lindu


Black Eagle   Ictinaetus malayensis

4 days at Sulawesi


Gurney's Eagle  Aquila gurneyi   Near-threatened (NT)   Near-endemic

3 days at Halmahera


Rufous-bellied Eagle   Aquila kienerii

1 day at Lore Lindu.


Sulawesi Hawk-Eagle   Spizaetus lanceolatus   Country endemic

seen 5 days, heard 2


Spotted Kestrel   Falco moluccensis

8 days at both Sulawesi and Halmahera


Peregrine Falcon   Falco peregrinus

2 days en-route


Maleo   Macrocephalon maleo  Endangered (EN)   Country endemic

1 day seen Tambun


Tabon Scrubfowl   Megapodius cumingii

3 days at Tangkoko


Dusky Scrubfowl   Megapodius freycinet   Near-endemic

1 day seen, 2 days heard at Halmahera


Red-back Buttonquail Turnix maculosa

1 day, Palu


Blue-breasted Quail   Coturnix chinensis

1 day, on route to Ambang


Buff-banded Rail   Gallirallus philippensis

2 days, on route


Barred Rail   Gallirallus torquatus   Near-endemic

4 days, Sulawesi


Common Bush-hen  Amaurornis olivaceus

1 day, on route at Halmahera


Isabelline Bush-hen   Amaurornis isabellina   Country endemic

1 day Tangkoko, 2 days heard


White-breasted Waterhen   Amaurornis phoenicurus

2 days


White-browed Crake   Porzana cinerea

2 days, Ambang


Common Moorhen  Gallinula chloropus

1 day Dumoga-Bone


Purple Swamphen   Porphyrio porphyrio

1 day Dumoga-Bone


Lesser Sandplover   Charadrius mongolus

1 day Tangkoko


Whimbrel   Numenius phaeopus

1 day Palu


Common Sandpiper  Actitis hypoleucos

5 days on Sulawesi


Gray-tailed Tattler   Tringa brevipes

1 bird on the Tangkoko boat trip


Wood Sandpiper   Tringa glareola

1 day, on route to Ambang


Green Sandpiper Tringa ochropus 

1 day, on route to Ambang


Red-necked Phalarope  Phalaropus lobatus

1 day, open waters between Ternate and Halmahera


Common Tern   Sterna hirundo

1 day


Great Crested Tern   Thalasseus bergii

seen off Halmahera


Whiskered Tern  Chlidonias hybridus


Red Collared-Dove   Streptopelia tranquebarica

2 days, Ambang, Lore Lindu


Spotted Dove   Streptopelia chinensis



Brown Cuckoo-Dove [Slender-billed]    Macropygia amboinensis

11 days, Sulawesi, Halmahera


Great Cuckoo-Dove   Reinwardtoena reinwardtii   Near-endemic

1 day, Halmahera


Sulawesi Black Pigeon   Turacoena manadensis   Country endemic

1 day  Tangkoko


Emerald Dove   Chalcophaps indica

2 days, Halmahera, Palu


Stephan's Dove   Chalcophaps stephani

5 sightings at Tangkoko


Pink-necked Pigeon   Treron vernans

2 days, Tangkoko


Grey-cheeked Pigeon   Treron griseicauda   Country endemic

2 days, Tangkoko


Red-eared Fruit-Dove   Ptilinopus fischeri   Country endemic

3 days, Ambang, Lore Lindu


Maroon-chinned Fruit-Dove   Ptilinopus subgularis   Near-threatened (NT)   Country endemic

once seen at Toraut


Superb Fruit-Dove   Ptilinopus superbus

4 days, Sulawesi, Halmahera


Grey-headed Fruit-Dove   Ptilinopus hyogastrus   Country endemic

5 days, Halmahera


Black-naped Fruit-Dove   Ptilinopus melanospilus   Near-endemic

6 days, Sulawesi


White-bellied Imperial-Pigeon   Ducula forsteni   Country endemic

2 days, Tangkoko, Lore Lindu


Grey-headed Imperial-Pigeon   Ducula radiata   Country endemic

2 days, Tangkoko, Lore Lindu


Green Imperial-Pigeon   Ducula aenea

5 days, DB, Tangkoko


Spectacled Imperial-Pigeon   Ducula perspicillata   Near-endemic

1 day Halmahera


Cinnamon-bellied Imperial-Pigeon   Ducula basilica   Country endemic

1 day  heard only, Halmahera


Pied Imperial-Pigeon   Ducula bicolor

4 days, Tangkoko, Halmahera


Silver-tipped Imperial-Pigeon   Ducula luctuosa   Country endemic

Tangkoko and Dumoga Bone


White Cockatoo   Cacatua alba   Vulnerable (VU)  Country endemic

4 days, Halmahera


Yellow-crested Cockatoo Cacatua sulphurea  Endangered (EN)   Country endemic

1 day, Tangkoko


Violet-necked Lory   Eos squamata   Near-endemic

2 days, Halmahera


Ornate Lorikeet   Trichoglossus ornatus   Country endemic

4 days, DM, Lore Lindu


Yellow-and-green Lorikeet   Trichoglossus flavoviridis   Country endemic

4 days, GA, Lore Lindu


Chattering Lory  Lorius garrulus   Endangered (EN)   Country endemic

1 day, Halmahera


Red-flanked Lorikeet   Charmosyna placentis

1 day, Halmahera


Red-cheeked Parrot   Geoffroyus geoffroyi

5 days, Halmahera


Yellow-breasted Racquet-tail   Prioniturus flavicans   Near-threatened (NT)   Country endemic

3 days, Sulawesi


Golden-mantled Racquet-tail   Prioniturus platurus   Country endemic

4 days, Sulawesi


Blue-backed Parrot   Tanygnathus sumatranus   Near-endemic

3 days, DB, Tangkoko


Great-billed Parrot  Tanygnathus megalorhynchos

2 days, Halmahera


Eclectus Parrot   Eclectus roratus

3 days, Halmahera


Large Sulawesi Hanging-Parrot   Loriculus stigmatus   Country endemic

10 days


Small Sulawesi Hanging-Parrot   Loriculus exilis   Near-threatened (NT)   Country endemic

Seen once at  Tangkoko


Moluccan Hanging-Parrot   Loriculus amabilis   Near-threatened (NT)    Country endemic

2 days, Halmahera


Rusty-breasted Cuckoo   Cacomantis sepulcralis

2 days, GA, LL


Brush Cuckoo   Cacomantis variolosus

1 day, heard at Halmahera


Mollucan Cuckoo Cacomantis heinrichi

1 day, Halmahera


Gould’s Bronze-Cuckoo   Chrysococcyx russatus

1 day, Lore Lindu


Drongo Cuckoo  Surniculus lugubris

1 day heard, 1 day seen, Tangkoko


Black-billed Koel   Eudynamys melanorhynchus   Country endemic

5 days seen, 4 days heard, Sulawesi


Yellow-billed Malkoha   Phaenicophaeus calyorhynchus   Country endemic

9 days, Sulawesi


Bay Coucal   Centropus celebensis   Country endemic

5 days, Sulawesi


Goliath Coucal   Centropus goliath   Country endemic

4 days, Halmahera


Lesser Coucal   Centropus bengalensis

7 days, Sulawesi, Halmahera


Sulawesi Masked Owl   Tyto rosenbergii   Country endemic

2 days, heard, Ambang, DB


Moluccan Scops-Owl   Otus magicus   Country endemic

2 days seen, 1 day heard, Halmahera


Sulawesi Scops-Owl   Otus manadensis   Country endemic

1 day seen, DB, 3 days heard


Ochre-bellied Boobook   Ninox ochracea   Near-threatened (NT)   Country endemic

1 day seen Tangkoko, 1 day heard, Ambang


Cinnabar Boobook   Ninox ios   Vulnerable (VU)   Country endemic

1 day, Ambang


Speckled Boobook   Ninox punctulata   Country endemic

2 days seen, 1 day heard, Ambang, DB


Moluccan Owlet-Nightjar   Aegotheles crinifrons    Country endemic

1 day seen, 1 day heard, Halmahera


Great Eared-Nightjar   Eurostopodus macrotis

5 days, Sulawesi


Large-tailed Nightjar   Caprimulgus macrurus

2 days, Halmahera


Heinrich’s Nightjar   Eurostopodus diabolicus  Country endemic

3 days, Ambang, Lore Lindu


Sulawesi Nightjar   Caprimulgus celebensis   Country endemic

2 days, Tangkoko


Savanna Nightjar   Caprimulgus affinis

1 day, Palu


Glossy Swiftlet   Collocalia esculenta



Sulawesi Swiftlet    Aerodramus sororum    Country endemic

4 days


Moluccan Swiftlet   Collocalia infuscate

5 days, Halmahera


Uniform Swiftlet   Aerodramus vanikorensis



Purple Needletail   Hirundapus celebensis   Near-endemic

3 days, Ambang, DB, Tangkoko


House Swift   Apus nipalensis



Asian Palm Swift   Cypsiurus balasiensis

3 days, Sulawesi


Grey-rumped Treeswift   Hemiprocne longipennis



Moustached Treeswift   Hemiprocne mystacea

2 days, Halmahera


Common Kingfisher   Alcedo atthis

4 days, Sulawesi


Blue-eared Kingfisher   Alcedo meninting

1 day, DB


Sulawesi Kingfisher   Ceyx fallax   Near-threatened (NT)   Country endemic

1 day, DB


Lilac Kingfisher   Cittura cyanotis   Near-threatened (NT)   Country endemic

2 days at Tangkoko


Black-billed Kingfisher   Pelargopsis melanorhyncha   Country endemic

1 day, Tangkoko


Blue-and-white Kingfisher   Todiramphus diops   Country endemic

4 days, Halmahera


Collared Kingfisher   Todiramphus chloris



Talaud Kingfisher   Todiramphus enigma  Country endemic

1 day, Tangkoko


Sombre Kingfisher   Todiramphus funebris   Vulnerable (VU)   Country endemic

2 days, Halmahera


Beach Kingfisher   Todiramphus saurophagus   Country endemic

1 day, Halmahera


Sacred Kingfisher   Todiramphus sanctus

7 days, Sul and Hal


Green-backed Kingfisher   Actenoides monachus   Near-threatened (NT)   Country endemic

2 days, Tangkoko


Scaly Kingfisher   Actenoides princeps   Country endemic

1 day at Gunung Ambang


Common Paradise-Kingfisher   Tanysiptera galatea   Near-endemic

3 days, Halmahera


Purple-bearded Bee-eater   Meropogon forsteni   Country endemic

2 days, Ambang, Lore Lindu


Blue-tailed Bee-eater   Merops philippinus

1 day, Palu


Rainbow Bee-eater   Merops ornatus

5 days, Halmahera


Purple-winged Roller   Coracias temminckii   Country endemic

2 days, DM, Tangkoko


Dollarbird   Eurystomus orientalis

4 days, Halmahera


Sulawesi Dwarf Hornbill   Penelopides exarhatus   Country endemic

2 days, DB, Tangkoko


Knobbed Hornbill   Aceros cassidix   Country endemic

4 days, DB, Tangkoko, Lore Lindu


Blyth's Hornbill   Aceros plicatus

5 days, Halmahera


Sulawesi Woodpecker   Dendrocopos temminckii   Country endemic

4 days, Ambang, LL


Ashy Woodpecker   Mulleripicus fulvus   Country endemic

5 days, Ambang, DB, Tangkoko


Ivory-breasted Pitta   Pitta maxima   Country endemic

1 days seen, 3 days heard, Halmahera


Red-bellied Pitta   Pitta erythrogaster

2 days, Tangkoko


Barn Swallow   Hirundo rustica



Pacific Swallow   Hirundo tahitica



Pied Cuckoo-shrike   Coracina bicolor   Near-threatened (NT)   Country endemic

2 days, DB, Tangkoko


Moluccan Cuckoo-shrike   Coracina atriceps   Country endemic

1 day, Halmahera


Cerulean Cuckoo-shrike   Coracina temminckii   Country endemic

3 days, Ambang, LL


White-rumped Cuckoo-shrike   Coracina leucopygia   Country endemic

2 days Tangkoko


White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike   Coracina papuensis

Only 2 birds seen Halmahera, at Gunung Mamin


Halmahera Cuckoo-shrike   Coracina parvula   Country endemic

2 days, Halmahera


Pygmy Cuckoo-shrike   Coracina abbotti   Country endemic

1 day, Lore Lindu


Common Cicadabird   Coracina tenuirostris

1 day, Halmahera


Sulawesi Cicadabird    Coracina morio    Country endemic

4 days, DB, Tangkoko


Sulawesi Triller   Lalage leucopygialis   Country endemic

4 days, DB, Tangkoko


White-shouldered Triller   Lalage sueurii    Near-endemic

1 day, Palu


Rufous-bellied Triller   Lalage aurea   Country endemic

5 days, Halmahera


Sooty-headed Bulbul   Pycnonotus aurigaster

6  days, Sulawesi


Yellow-vented Bulbul   Pycnonotus goiavier

2 days, Manado, Palu


Golden Bulbul   Alophoixus affinis   Country endemic

5 days, Halmahera


Red-backed Thrush   Zoothera erythronota   Near-threatened (NT)   Country endemic

1 day, Tangkoko


Sulawesi Thrush   Cataponera turdoides   Country endemic

1 day  Lore Lindu


Geomalia   Geomalia heinrichi 

1 day, Lore Lindu


Great Shortwing   Heinrichia calligyna   Country endemic

2 days, Lore Lindu


Golden-headed Cisticola   Cisticola exilis

2 days, Ambang, Palu


Chestnut-backed Bush-Warbler  Bradypterus castaneus   Country endemic

1 day Ambang, 2 days heard, LL


Mountain Tailorbird   Orthotomus cuculatus

3 days, Ambang, LL


Sulawesi Leaf-Warbler   Phylloscopus sarasinorum   Country endemic

4 days, Ambang, Lore Lindu


Snowy-browed Flycatcher   Ficedula hyperythra

2 days, Lore Lindu


Little Pied Flycatcher   Ficedula westermanni

4 days, LL


Rufous-throated Flycatcher    Ficedula rufigula   Country endemic

1 day Lore Lindu


Island Verditer Flycatcher   Eumyias panayensis   Near-endemic

5 days, Ambang, LL


Matinan Flycatcher   Cyornis sanfordi   Endangered (EN)   Country endemic

1 day, Gunung Ambang


Blue-fronted Flycatcher   Cyornis hoevelli   Country endemic

3 days, LL


Sulawesi Blue-Flycatcher   Cyornis omissus   Country endemic

3 days, Ambang, LL


Citrine Canary-Flycatcher   Culicicapa helianthea   Near-endemic

7 days, Ambang, DB, LL


Pied Bushchat   Saxicola caprata

3 days, Lore Lindu


Willie-wagtail   Rhipidura leucophrys

5 days,  Halmahera


Rusty-flanked Fantail   Rhipidura teysmanni   Country endemic

6 days, Ambang, LL


Pale-blue Monarch   Hypothymis puella   Country endemic

4 days seen, 2 days heard, Sulawesi


White-naped Monarch   Monarcha pileatus   Country endemic

1 day, Halmahera


Spectacled Monarch   Monarcha trivirgatus

5 days,  Halmahera


Slaty Flycatcher   Myiagra galeata   Country endemic

3 days,  Halmahera


Shining Flycatcher   Myiagra alecto

2 days,  Halmahera


Yellow-flanked Whistler    Hylocitrea bonensis   Country endemic

2 days, LL


Maroon-backed Whistler   Coracornis raveni   Country endemic

2 days, LL


Sulphur-bellied Whistler (Yellow-vented)   Pachycephala sulfuriventer   Country endemic

6 days, Ambang, DB, LL


Golden Whistler   Pachycephala pectoralis

2 days, Halmahera


Drab Whistler   Pachycephala griseonota   Country endemic

2 days,  Halmahera


Malia   Malia grata   Country endemic

3 days, Ambang, Lore Lindu


Sulawesi Babbler   Trichastoma celebense   Country endemic

8 days, Sulawesi


Golden-bellied Gerygone   Gerygone sulphurea

4 days, Manado, Lore Lindu


Plain-throated Sunbird   Anthreptes malacensis

2 days, Sulawesi


Black Sunbird   Leptocoma sericea   Near-endemic

7 days, Sul/Hal


Olive-backed Sunbird   Cinnyris jugularis



Crimson Sunbird    Aethopyga siparaja

4 days, Sulawesi


Yellow-sided Flowerpecker   Dicaeum aureolimbatum   Country endemic

12 days, Sulawesi


Crimson-crowned Flowerpecker   Dicaeum nehrkorni   Country endemic

2 days, Ambang, LL


Flame-breasted Flowerpecker   Dicaeum erythrothorax   Country endemic

1 day, Halmahera


Grey-sided Flowerpecker   Dicaeum celebicum   Country endemic

6 days, Ambang, DB, LL


Mountain White-eye   Zosterops montanus   Near-endemic

4 days, LL


Lemon-bellied White-eye   Zosterops chloris   Near-endemic

2 days, LL


Black-fronted White-eye   Zosterops atrifrons   Near-endemic

8 days, Sulawesi


Cream-throated White-eye   Zosterops atriceps   Country endemic

4 days, Halmahera


Streak-headed White-eye   Lophozosterops squamiceps   Country endemic

3 days, Ambang, LL


Sulawesi Myzomela   Myzomela chloroptera   Country endemic

3 days, Ambang, DB, LL


White-streaked Friarbird   Melitograis gilolensis   Country endemic

2 days,  Halmahera


Dusky Friarbird    Philemon fuscicapillus

2 days, Halmahera


Lesser Sulawesi Honeyeater   Myza celebensis   Country endemic

4 days, DB, LL


Greater Sulawesi Honeyeater    Myza sarasinorum   Country endemic

1 day, Lore Lindu


Halmahera Oriole   Oriolus phaeochromus    Country endemic

3 days, Halmahera


Black-naped Oriole   Oriolus chinensis

5 days, Sulawesi


Hair-crested Drongo   Dicrurus hottentottus

7 days, Sulawesi


Sulawesi Drongo   Dicrurus montanus   Country endemic

5 days, DB, LL


Spangled Drongo   Dicrurus bracteatus

3 days, Halmahera


White-backed Woodswallow   Artamus monachus   Country endemic

2 days, DB


White-breasted Woodswallow   Artamus leucorynchus

10 days, Sul/Hal


Paradise-crow   Lycocorax pyrrhopterus   Country endemic

2 days, Halmahera


Standardwing Bird of Paradise   Semioptera wallacii   Country endemic

1 day, Halmahera


Slender-billed Crow   Corvus enca

6 days, Sulawesi


Piping Crow   Corvus typicus   Country endemic

2 days, Lore Lindu


Long-billed Crow   Corvus validus    Country endemic

4 days, Halmahera


Metallic Starling   Aplonis metallica

5 days, Halmahera


Asian Glossy Starling   Aplonis panayensis

4 days, Sulawesi


Short-tailed Starling   Aplonis minor

2 days, LL


Moluccan Starling   Aplonis mysolensis   Near-endemic

1 day, Halmahera


Sulawesi Crested Myna   Basilornis celebensis   Country endemic

2 days, DB, Tangkoko


White-necked Myna   Streptocitta albicollis   Country endemic

4 days, DB, Tangkoko


Fiery-browed Myna   Enodes erythrophris   Country endemic

7 days, DB, LL


Finch-billed Myna (Grosbeak Starling)   Scissirostrum dubium   Country endemic

5 days, Ambang, DB, Tangkoko, LL


Eurasian Tree Sparrow   Passer montanus



Black-faced Munia   Lonchura molucca   Near-endemic

5 days, Sulawesi


Scaly-breasted Munia   Lonchura punctulata

4 days, LL


Chestnut Munia   Lonchura atricapilla

7 days, Sulawesi


Pale-headed Munia   Lonchura pallida   Near-endemic

2 days, Palu

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