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General birding websites useful for birdwatching in Asia.

Birdlife International * - Loads of information, great work on conservation, news, publications.
Don’t miss the DATA ZONE for info on Asian birds and Important bird areas.

Cloudbirders * - My old friends from Belgium took up the task of providing the world with a new
bird trip report portal.

Surfbirds * - Trip reports, photos, life and year lists, birding news and more.

Oriental Bird Images * – An extensive photo database with over 2729 Asian bird species covered.
See also Stijn's Oriental Bird Images.

Xeno-canto Asia * - Database with bird sounds from Asia, share your sounds or download freely.
With already more than 2800 species covered!

IUCN Red List * – Detailed information on the world’s threatened species.

Birdforum - The net's largest birding community, dedicated to wild birds.

Avibase - Bird checklists of the world + bird database.

Worldtwitch - Info on world birding, inclusive Asia.

ARRCN - Asian Raptor Research & Conservation Network.

Birdingpal - Find your local birdwatching contact.

Birding websites with focus on a specific country.

North Thailand Birding * - Latest Thai bird sightings, birding site descriptions, photo galleries.

Phuket Birdwatching * - Birding news and free information on birdwatching sites along Thailand's west coast.

Peter Ericsson * - Peter's photo galleries include some brilliant shots.

Bird Conservation Society of Thailand - The Birdlife Thailand partner.

Nature Focus Thailand - Info on birding & mammals incl. trip reports and a splendid photo gallery.

Birds of Thailand - Photo galleries

Thailand Views - Sublime photographs of Thai birds.

Birding Davao - See the Philippine Eagle in the wild on Mt. Talomo...easy!!!

Katala Foundation - Safe the Philippine Cockatoo! - The official website of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines.

Philippine Eagle Foundation - Safe the Philippine Eagle!

Romy Ocon’s - Photo collection of Philippine wild birds.

Travel Central Philippines - This blog has 'Birdwatching in the Philippines Vol 1' online.

P.B.P.F. - Philippine bird photography forum.

Birdwatching in Taiwan - OBC publication online.

John & Fish * - Bird photography as you've never seen before! Art!

Birding in Taiwan - Photo’s, stories and info on birdwatching in Taiwan.

Central Taiwan Birder - Blog on birding Taiwan.

Pen. Malaysia and Borneo
Birding Malaysia - Photo database, trip reports and checklists.

Borneo Birds - Wong Tsu Chi photo gallery covering Sabah.

Dig deep - Birding blog with many excellent photographs.

Borneo Bird Club - Blog, events, info.

Sabah travel guide - Sabah maps, wildlife guide etc.

Burung Nusantara - Birding Indonesia, a great site with lots of info.

Birding in Indonesia - Info for birding Java and Bali.

Gunung Ambang - OBC article with info for Gunung Ambang, north Sulawesi.

Flores and Komodo - Birding hotspot, BirdingAsia publication (pdf).

Vietnam bird guide - Bird photo database & sound recordings.

The Baldbul Twitch - Trip report by Albert Low.

Osmose - Conservation, education and ecotourism on Tonle Sap.

John & Jemi Holmes - Trip reports, bird photographs and info on birding China.

HKBWS - Hong Kong Bird Watching Society. Don't miss the forums here.

Wildlife of India - India is a rich and diverse wildlife destination with 89 national parks and 400+ wildlife
sanctuaries across the country. Explore for a glimpse of wildlife in India.

Birding India - Photo gallery, birding sites, checklists and lots of other info.

Japan Nature Guides - Plenty birdwatching information posted on this site.

Other birding websites

Planet Still Alive - View the work of wildlife photographer Marie-France Grenouillet.

Birding Southern Australia - Information, guiding services, tours, books, recent sightings.

Guided Birdwatching - Find your guide or tour in this handy birding guides index.

Wildsounds - Online UK-based shop, wildlife books and multimedia guides.

An Avian Discography - Worldwide links to birdsounds.

Birding Holland - Guided birding in the Netherlands.

Dutch Birding - De site voor vogelaars en twitchers.

10,000 Birds - Birding, blogging, conservation and commentary.

Boute Expeditions Brazil - The right choice for those that love nature.

Where to watch birds and other wildlife in the world - Birding destination guide.

Sights of Nature - Find best value and selection of binoculars and telescopes in Belgium.

Mammals * - Excellent site loaded with information incl. trip reports, photos, links, travel info...
A must for anyone planning a trip focused on finding some of the world's great

Fieldmuseum - Philippine mammal pages.

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