Butterflies of Borneo; sightings from Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia.

Started in June 2019, this gallery shows butterfly observations with photos all made on B2A trips in Borneo. I hope to keep adding new species to this page. The next trip with some butterfly watching opportunities will be September 2019 with visits to Similajau NP near Bintulu in Sarawak, then the regular Sabah birding tour + a short visit to Tawau Hills Park after the tour. Sure I'll find some extra beauties!

Malayan Lascar at GomantongKinabalu White-banded Count
Malayan Lascar (Lasippa tiga)
Gomantong, July 2019
Kinabalu White-banded Count (Tanaecia amisa) [Borneo endemic]
Mount Kinabalu, June 2019

Common Dartlet at GomantongCommon Posy butterfly
Common Dartlet (Oriens gola)
Gomantong, July 2019
Common Posy (Drupadia ravindra moorei)
Tabin WS, July 2019

Dark Jungleglory in SepilokLesser Jay butterfly at Gomantong
Dark (Chocolate) Jungleglory (Thaumantis noureddin)
Sepilok, June 2019
Lesser (Blue) Jay (Graphium evemon)
Gomantong, July 2019

Horsfield's Baron at KubahHorsfield's Bushbrown
Horsfield's Baron (Tanaecia iapis) or if split becomes
Tanaecia (Cynitia) cocytina - Kubah NP, June 2019
Horsfield's Bushbrown (Mycalesis horsfieldi)
Sepilok, June 2019

Lance Sergeant butterflyTailless Line Blue Butterfly
Lance Sergeant (Athyma pravara)
Gomantong, July 2019
Tailless (Small Purple) Line Blue (Prosotas dubiosa)
Kubah NP (Kuching-Sarawak), June 2019

Bornean Sapphire in the Crocker RangeCommon Baron
Bornean Sapphire (Heliophorus kiana) [endemic]
Crocker Range NP, June 2019
Common Baron (Euthalia aconthea)
Sepilok, June 2019

Taenaris Horsfieldii OccultaBlack-tipped Archduke
Big-eyed Jungle Lady (Taenaris horsfieldii occulta)
Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, June 2019
Black-tipped Archduke (Lexias dirtea)
Mount Kinabalu, June 2019

Blue Pansy in SepilokBrown Pansy
Blue Pansy (Junonia orithya)
Sepilok, June 2019
Brown Pansy (Junonia hedonia)
Poring Hot Springs, June 2019

Clipper at GomantongCommander at Tabin Wildlife
Clipper (Parthenos Sylvia)
Gomantong Caves road, July 2019
Commander (Moduza procris agnata)
Tabin Wildlife Resort, July 2019

Common ImperialCommon Nawab
Common Imperial (Cheritra freja)
Poring Hot Springs, June 2019
Common Nawab (Polyura athamas)
Gomantong Caves entrance road, July 2019

Common Palmfly in KuchingPygmy Posy at Tabin
Common Palmfly (Elymnias hypermnestra)
Kuching, June 2019
Pygmy Posy (Drupadia rufotaenia)
  Tabin Wildlife Reserve, July 2019

Common Tiger butterflyDark Blue Glassy Tiger
Common Tiger (Danaus genutia)
  Tabin Wildlife Resort, July 2019
Dark Blue Glassy Tiger (Ideopsis vulgaris)
Sepilok, Sabah, June 2019

Elbowed Pierrot ButterflyMycalesis pitana Butterfly
Elbowed Pierrot (Pycnophallium elna)
  Tabin Wildlife Sanctuary, July 2019
Mycalesis pitana [Bornean endemic]
Mount Kinabalu NP, June 2019

Great Eggfly butterfliesGreat Marquis at Kubah NP
Great Eggfly (Hypolimnas bolina)
Tabin Wildlife Reserve, July 2019
Great Marquis (Bassarona dunya)
Kubah NP, Sarawak, June 2019

Green Dragontail ButterflyGrey Pansy
Green Dragontail (Lamproptera meges)
Tabin WS, July 2019
Grey Pansy (Junonia atlites)
Tabin, July 2019

Kinabalu Jezebel endemic butterflyLarge Metallic Oakblue
Kinabalu Jezebel (Delias cinerascens) [scarce localized endemic]
Mount Kinabalu, June 2019
Large Metallic Oakblue (Arhopala aedias)
Kubah National Park, June 2019

Lemon Emigrant ButterflyLesser Striped Black Crow
Lemon Emigrant (Catopsilia pomona)
Tabin, July 2019
Lesser Striped Black Crow (Euploea eyndhovii)
Tabin, July 2019

Lethe darena butterfly on Mount KinabaluMalay Yeoman Butterfly
Lethe darena (Pearl Eye species)
Mount Kinabalu, June 2019
Malay Yeoman (Cirrochroa emalea)
Tabin Wildlife Resort, July 2019

Malayan BirdwingMalayan Bush Brown
Malayan Birdwing (Troides amphrysus)
  Gomantong Caves, July 2019
Malayan Bush Brown (Mycalesis fusca adustata)
Sepilok Forest Reserve, July 2019

Malayan Cruiser butterflyMalayan Fivering
Malayan Cruiser (Vindula dejone)
Kubah NP, June 2019
Malayan Fivering (Ypthima horsfieldii)
  Tabin, July 2019

Malayan Jungle GloryMalayan Owl Butterfly
Malayan Jungle Glory (Thaumantis odana)
Sepilok, June 2019
Malayan Owl (Neorina lowii)
Sepilok, June 2019

Malayan RingletWhite-beaked Sunbeam butterfly
Malayan Ringlet (Ragadia makuta siponta)
Poring Hot Springs, June 2019
White-beaked Sunbeam (Curetis felderi)
  Tabin, July 2019

Malay LacewingRustic butterfly
Malay Lacewing (Cethosia hypsea)
Mount Kinabalu, June 2019
Rustic (Cupha erymanthis)
  Tabin, July 2019

Short-banded ViscountSilver Forget-me-not
Short-banded Viscount (Tanaecia aruna)
Kubah NP, June 2019
Silver Forget-me-not (Catochrysops panormus)
Gomantong, July 2019

Spotted Grass DartSpotted Palm Judy
Spotted Grass Dart (Taractrocera ardonia sumatrensis)
Tabin WS, July 2019
Spotted Palm Judy (Abisara geza)
Tabin, July 2019

Striped Blue CrowSulphur Flash
Striped Blue Crow (Euploea mulciber)
Tabin, July 2019
Sulphur Flash (Rapala domitia albapex) [Borneo endemic spp]
Tabin, July 2019

Tree NymphTree Yellow butterfly
Tree Nymph (Idea lynceus lynceus)
Tabin, July 2019
Tree Yellow (Gandaca harina)
Kubah, June 2019

Tufted Jungle KingVagrant butterfly
Tufted Jungle King (Thauria aliris)
Kubah NP, Sarawak, June 2019
Vagrant (Vagrans sinha )
Gomantong road, July 2019

Wavy MapletWhite Ciliate Blue
Wavy Maplet (Chersonesia rahria)
Kubah, June 2019
White Ciliate Blue (Anthene licates)
Tabin, July 2019

White DragontailRagadia annulata, endemic butterfly
White Dragontail (Lamproptera curius)
Gomantong, July 2019
Ragadia annulata (White Ringlet) [endemic]
Mount Kinabalu, June 2019

Great Jay butterflyCommon Red Harlequin
Great Jay (Graphium eurypylus)
Gomantong, August 2018
Common Red Harlequin (Paralaxita telesia)
Sepilok, July 2018

Himalayan JesterYellow-banded Yeoman at Sepilok
Himalayan Jester (Symbrenthia hypselis)
Mount Kinabalu, June 2018
Yellow-banded Yeoman (Cirrochroa orissa)
Sepilok, July 2018

Rajah Brooke's Birdwing
Rajah Brooke's Birdwing (Trogonoptera brookiana)
Mount Kinabalu, August 2017

All photos from this page are also contributed as observations on
Note; Kinabalu Jezebel, Ragadia annulata and White Ciliate Blue were first observations ever for the species on iNaturalist.

Hope this page may help with the education, identification, appreciation, conservation and research efforts of the butterfly fauna on Borneo.

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