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Beach Thick-knee Flores
Beach Thick-knees, Flores

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Black-chested Honeyeater Flores
Black-chested Honeyeater, Bipolo - Timor

birding Flores- Australian Pelicans
A walk on the beach from the resort;
wintering Australian Pelicans!!

Yellow-crested Cockatoo Komodo
Yellow-crested Cockatoo, Komodo

Barred Dove Komodo
Barred Dove, Komodo

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Great-billed Heron birding Flores
Great-billed Heron by the beach at our
 resort in Lubuan Bajo -Flores

Zebra Finch birding Flores
Zebra Finch in the resort garden.

Timor Figbird
Timor Figbird, Bipolo

Timor Blue Flycatcher
Timor Blue Flycatcher female, Bipolo

Timor Sparrow Bipolo
Timor Sparrow, Bipolo

Flores Crow, Kisol
Flores Crow, Kisol

Olive-backed Sunbird, Flores
A female Olive-backed Sunbird, common
and widespread in Asia but here in an opportunity with a nice back-lit effect.

Brown-capped Fantail
Brown-capped Fantail, Poco Ranaka

Rufous Fantail Timor
Rufous Fantail, Bipolo

Sunda Cuckoo Flores
Sunda Cuckoo

Red-chested Flowerpecker Timor
Red-chested Flowerpecker

Sunda Woodpecker
Sunda Woodpecker

Indonesia; The Lesser Sundas
Flores, Komodo, Timor and Sumba

Photo gallery; appendix to our Lesser Sundas Tour Page

July -  August 2015 ; Tour report and bird list. Sept '15 ; Tour bird list.
Available; 23 July - 9 August 2018.

Birding tour Lesser SundasWhite-tailed Tropicbird Bali
Bali is a rather perfect place to start and end a birding tour. Apart from holiday opportunities it may add these gorgeous White-tailed Tropicbirds to your list if you have a few hours to spare out of the Denpasar/Kuta airport and hotel area.

Birding Komodo islands
We visit Komodo early on the tour. Can't wait to be back for some superb scenery, Yellow-crested Cockatoos, the Dragons, snorkeling...

Komodo islands sunset
Sunset over the Komodo islands as seen from the mountains on our way back from birding at Puarlolo.

Komodo Dragon
Very impressive and a little dangerous when on the move...

Helmeted Friarbird KomodoGreen Tree Viper Komodo
The Helmeted Friarbird is common on Komodo. More of a surprise find was this Green Tree Viper.

Indo-pacific Bottlenosed Dolphins, FloresSacred Kingfisher, Flores
Seen on our Komodo speedboat crossing; a group Indo-pacific Bottlenosed Dolphins.
Sacred Kingfisher in early morning light; photographed from our breakfast table by the beach!!

Flores Sunset
On Flores, a fine day out birding usually ends with one of the best sunsets in the world.

Golden Whistler PuarloloCream-browed Ibon
Nice forests, pleasant temperatures and good birds are features of the mountains in the Lesser Sundas.
Golden Whistler, Puarlolo. Cream-browed White-eye, Poco Ranaka.

White-bellied Sea-Eagle
We were having lunch with a view indeed!  -White-bellied Sea-eagle-

Bare-throated Whistler, Golo Lusang

Australian Pratincole, TimorBanded Fruit-Dove, Bipolo
Not great shots but real nice birds to watch; Australian Pratincole and Black-banded Fruit-Dove, Bipolo - Timor.

birding Kisol on Flores
A view of the track and dry forest at Kisol, with our vehicle and driver from the 2013 trip.

Flores Honey-BuzzardShort-toed Snake-Eagle Flores
Photographed at Poco Ranaka, on 22 August 2013, this Oriental Honey Buzzard likely belongs to the scarce resident population on Flores which may represent an undescribed subspecies.
Short-toed Snake-Eagle with prey.

Olive-brown Timor OrioleYellow-eared Honeyeater Timor
Timor Oriole, Bipolo. Yellow-eared Honeyeater.

Flores Rice Terraces
Rice terraces and forest on one of those incredibly scenic drives between birding areas.

Rainbow Bee-eaterRose-crowned Fruit-Dove
Rainbow Bee-eater. Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove.

Oelnasi Forest Timor
The dry savannah-like forest at Oelnasi on Timor.

Cinnamon-banded KingfisherYellow-spectacled White-eye
Both Cinnamon-banded Kingfisher and Yellow-spectabled White-eye are easy to find on Sumba.

Lesser Sundas Tour Page and 2015 tour report.