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Spotted Owlet birding Thailand

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Red-wattled Lapwing birding Thailand

Thick-billed Green Pigeon

Black-crowned Night Heron

Terms & conditions

Please e-mail for reservations.
We do not accept reservations by phone and all bookings require the applicant to send us a copy or photo of the photo page of the same passport which will be used for travel on the tour. We reserve the right to decline any tour or booking info to those persons who fail to identify themselves.

A deposit is required to make any booking valid. Amount and mode of payment will be send by e-mail. Birdtours2Asia will send you confirmation of payment by e-mail.
For tours or guided trips in Borneo, Thailand and Taiwan, payment of the full balance for the tour will be due 1 month before the start.
For tours to Sri Lanka, Philippines and Indonesia full payment is required 3 months in advance.

-Borneo, Taiwan, Thailand ; Deposits are non-refundable. The full tour amount will become non-refundable once paid, which is at least 1 month before the tour start.

-Sri Lanka, Philippines and Indonesia ;
Cancellation up to 90 days before; Deposits are non-refundable.
Cancellation 90 - 0 days before ; No refund (Applies to all tours once full payment has been made.)

We strongly recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance for your protection.

In the unfortunate case in which Birdtours2Asia has to cancel a tour due to illness or any other serious reason originating within B2A/guides/tour leader, all payments will be refunded in full.

If B2A is forced to cancel a tour due to reasons beyond our control (civil unrest, natural disaster, travel disruptions...) the options are;
-Postpone your participation to the next tour at no extra costs.
-Cancel your participation of any tour with us and get a full refund of tour monies except for the deposit. (Deposits are only refundable when B2A is the sole reason of failure to run a tour.)

All tour participants must have comprehensive travel insurance, which at least will cover any medical cost, repatriation and accident.
It is also most advisable to have sufficient cover for the loss of any expensive optics etc.
Neither Birdtours2Asia, nor the tour leader or any guides will accept any responsibility for whatever loss that might occur during a tour.

Passport & Visa
It is the participants sole responsibility to be in the possession of a valid passport and a visa where necessary. Your passport should be valid for at least another 6 months beyond the end of your tour, as well as to have sufficient blank pages for entry stamps.

Health & Vaccinations
It is the participants absolute responsibility to get all necessary vaccinations and medication before the start of any tour. Costs arising from the failure to seek the most up to date medical advise are at the expense of participants.
Please specify any health problem, special requirements or physical limitations you might have to us before the start of a tour which will enable us to be prepared in the case of an emergency.
It is essential to have insurance covering any health issues.

Tour alterations
Our tours are carefully planned, but in certain circumstances, it might be advisable or even necessary to make changes to a tour. We reserve the right to change the itinerary, tour leader, transport, accommodation etc. when we decide it will have a positive effect on the outcome of the tour. We will always inform and discuss this with the participants. Should any tour alterations become necessary during a tour then we expect you to respect the professional and final decision of the tour leader.

Rooms might be limited at certain locations, bookings cancelled beyond our control... For whatever reason you might not get the desired room, the tour leader will reserve the right to find the best possible alternative for that specific night. A superior alternative will be at Birdtours2Asia’s expense, a pro rata refund will be given if the alternative does not qualify the original standard.
A single room supplement will apply to any participant using single accommodation on our tours. If you sign up single but wish to share a room we will check with other single participants who might be willing to share accommodation. If there is no other single person on the tour who wants to share, we will still have to charge you the single room supplement.

Birdtours2Asia does not sell international flights. We can however assist people to find the best flights available to get to the starting point of a tour. Tours that include domestic flights feature a higher deposit. Full airfares are included in this and have to be covered. We cannot give any credit for these.

Tour costs
Tour prices are displayed on our tour itinerary pages. However, to be ahead of significant exchange rate fluctuations, you may access our actual and fixed tour prices by clicking on the XE Currency Assistant directly below the approximate hard currency amounts displayed. The Currency Assistant will show you a pop-up window where the first fixed field will show the fixed tour price, the second field shows the set currencies used for the tour. Typically this will be the same currency (mostly local currency or USD) that is being used by us to cover most tour costs. Then, in the third field, you may check on the actual tour price in your preferred currency.
Anyone wishing to receive a fixed quote for a tour in any other currency than displayed by the Currency Assistant fixed fields, is welcome to inquire via However, please note that it would be unfair to hold B2A responsible for any major currency crash. This would mean even a 'hard currency' fixed quote may not be absolute and would need adjusted in case of major currency fluctuations. Only our local currency prices (THB, PHP, MYR, TWD, USD for Indonesia...) displayed by the XE Currency Assistant first field will always remain fixed.
For payments made in other currencies than those initially quoted, the daily exchange rate shown by the XE Currency Assistant on our home page applies. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you still may have about our tour costs.

Group sizes
We do believe in small group sizes. With Birdtours2Asia you’ll get a superior birding experience with the best possible chances for all group members to see those secretive bird species as well as to get the best possible personal attention. You won’t find easily while birding in a bigger group these features, that is, B2A does understand your needs!
Our Taiwan tour goes with max. 5 participants. Other tours and guided trips go with max. six. Note we keep to these max. group numbers strictly.

No additional costs
Birdtours2Asia aims to offer all-inclusive tour prices. Except for international flights, visa, insurance and items of a personal nature there should be no extra costs to join a tour.
With B2A, all drinks are included in most of our tour prices. This might include a local beer with dinner but if you need to celebrate our birds heavily, then it won’t quite stretch to that. In fact, it is unacceptable for any tour participant to become drunk, a nuisance for other group members, not be able to get up early... as a result of too much alcohol. The tour leader will reserve the right and given power to either stop a group member to drink or to send him/her home at their own expense in the case of alcohol abuse. Please note that our Indonesia tours feature high running costs and we do not include alcohol in Indonesia in order to keep our posted tour prices competitive.

All our tours are carefully planned and we will take responsibility for the quality of the tours offered to you. We cannot accept any liability however for any loss, damage or expense resulting form circumstances beyond our control.

Tour report
Participants agree for their name to be mentioned in a tour report, should it be written and published on our website.

Thanks for your understanding!