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Wrinkled Hornbill
Wrinkled Hornbill

Canopy Walkway
The Canopy Walkway
of Borneo Rainforest Lodge

Great Argus
Great Argus

Home / August 2017 report

All photos on this page are opportunity
shots taken on the tour.

Borneo; Sabah, 23 - 29 August 2023.
Tour extensions; Tawau Hills NP, Danum Valley (Borneo Rainforest Lodge)

Participants; Elena & Dave Keeling (BRL), Alfred Raab (Tawau-BRL), Stijn De Win (Tawau-BRL)

Tawau; A 3 day tour extension visiting Mt. Silam near Lahad Datu and 2 sites in Tawau Hills National park. (Main park entrance at the table waterfall and Andrassy Hill.)

Blue-banded PittaMaroon Langur
Blue-banded Pitta, Mt. SilamMaroon Langur, Tawau Hills NP

Scarlet-rumped TrogonOlive-backed Woodpecker
Scarlet-rumped Trogon, Tawau Hills NPOlive-backed Woodpecker, Tawau Hills NP
Bornean GibbonRed-bearded Bee-eater
Bornean Gibbon, Andrassy Hill.Red-bearded Bee-eater, Andrassy Hill 


Danum Valley; 3 nights at Borneo Rainforest Lodge

Orang-utanGreat Argus
Orang-utan dominant maleGreat Argus, Danum Valley

Danum ValleyBornean Crested Fireback
Rays of light in the rainforestBornean Crested Fireback on the trail

Rajah Brookes' BirdwingRufous-tailed Shama
Rajah Brookes' BirdwingRufous-tailed Shama

Borneo August 2023 main tour report

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