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Trip Report

2-day guided trip

Laem Pak Bia-Kaeng Krachan

February 2009



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Thailand tour with Birding2Asia, November 2008.       back to trip report


Author ; Bernard Burgess (

Other participants ; Jim Walford and Nardine Stanniland, Alison Vodic,

                             Colin Taylor and Glenn Lotter.

Leader ; Tom Bex


This report covers my second birding trip to Asia. Having birded previously in Malaysia,

I decided to join Birding2Asia on their tour of Northern Thailand. Iím pretty happy with

the many birding highlights and the amazing total of 403 species seen in these 2 most

enjoyable weeks, the success of which could only be guaranteed by a well organized tour. 

Visit to put yourself in the very capable hands of Tom Bex and the Birding2Asia team.


Full trip list;

Little Grebe

Spot-billed Pelican

Indian Cormorant

Little Cormorant


Gray Heron

Purple Heron

Great Egret

Intermediate Egret

Little Egret

Pacific Reef-Heron

Chinese Pond-Heron

Cattle Egret

Striated Heron

Black-crowned Night-Heron

Yellow Bittern

Cinnamon Bittern

Black Bittern

Painted Stork

Asian Openbill

Lesser Whistling-Duck

Cotton Pygmy-goose


Ferruginous Pochard


Jerdon's Baza

Black Baza

Oriental Honey-buzzard

Black-shouldered Kite

Black Kite

Brahminy Kite

White-bellied Sea-Eagle

Crested Serpent-Eagle

Eastern Marsh-Harrier

Pied Harrier

Crested Goshawk


Japanese Sparrowhawk


Northern Goshawk

Rufous-winged Buzzard

Gray-faced Buzzard

Eurasian Buzzard

Black Eagle

Greater Spotted Eagle

Booted Eagle

Rufous-bellied Eagle

Mountain Hawk-Eagle

Collared Falconet

Black-thighed Falconet

Eurasian Kestrel

Oriental Hobby

Chinese Francolin

Rufous-throated Partridge

Scaly-breasted Partridge

Mountain Bamboo-Partridge

Red Junglefowl

Silver Pheasant

Siamese Fireback

Gray Peacock-Pheasant

Green Peafowl

Barred Buttonquail

Slaty-breasted Rail

White-breasted Waterhen

Ruddy-breasted Crake

White-browed Crake


Purple Swamphen

Common Moorhen

Pheasant-tailed Jacana

Bronze-winged Jacana

Greater Painted-snipe

Black-winged Stilt

Gray-headed Lapwing

Red-wattled Lapwing

Pacific Golden-Plover

Black-bellied Plover

Little Ringed Plover

Snowy Plover

Malaysian Plover

Lesser Sandplover

Greater Sandplover

Eurasian Woodcock

Pintail Snipe

Black-tailed Godwit


Eurasian Curlew

Common Sandpiper

Spotted Redshank

Common Greenshank

Nordmann's Greenshank

Marsh Sandpiper

Wood Sandpiper

Common Redshank

Ruddy Turnstone

Great Knot


Red-necked Stint

Temminck's Stint

Long-toed Stint

Curlew Sandpiper

Spoon-billed Sandpiper

Broad-billed Sandpiper


Red-necked Phalarope

Heuglin's Gull

Brown-headed Gull

Little Tern

Gull-billed Tern

Caspian Tern

Whiskered Tern

Common Tern

Great Crested Tern

Ashy Wood-Pigeon

Oriental Turtle-Dove

Red Collared-Dove

Spotted Dove

Emerald Dove

Zebra Dove

Pompadour Green-Pigeon

Yellow-footed Pigeon

Pin-tailed Pigeon

Wedge-tailed Pigeon

Mountain Imperial-Pigeon

Gray-headed Parakeet

Blossom-headed Parakeet

Red-breasted Parakeet

Vernal Hanging-Parrot

Chestnut-winged Cuckoo

Indian Cuckoo

Himalayan Cuckoo

Banded Bay Cuckoo

Plaintive Cuckoo

Asian Emerald Cuckoo

Violet Cuckoo

Asian Drongo-Cuckoo

Asian Koel

Green-billed Malkoha

Coral-billed Ground-Cuckoo

Greater Coucal

Lesser Coucal

Barn Owl

Mountain Scops-Owl

Collared Scops-Owl

Collared Owlet

Asian Barred Owlet

Brown Hawk-Owl

Large-tailed Nightjar

Indian Nightjar

Indochinese Swiftlet

Brown-backed Needletail

Asian Palm-Swift

Fork-tailed Swift

House Swift

Crested Treeswift

Red-headed Trogon

Orange-breasted Trogon

Common Kingfisher

Black-backed Kingfisher

Banded Kingfisher

White-throated Kingfisher

Black-capped Kingfisher

Collared Kingfisher

Pied Kingfisher

Blue-bearded Bee-eater

Green Bee-eater

Blue-tailed Bee-eater

Indian Roller

Eurasian Hoopoe

Oriental Pied-Hornbill

Great Hornbill

Wreathed Hornbill

Great Barbet

Lineated Barbet

Green-eared Barbet

Golden-throated Barbet

Blue-throated Barbet

Moustached Barbet

Coppersmith Barbet

Speckled Piculet

White-browed Piculet

Gray-capped Woodpecker

Fulvous-breasted Woodpecker

Rufous Woodpecker

White-bellied Woodpecker

Lesser Yellownape

Greater Yellownape

Black-headed Woodpecker

Gray-faced Woodpecker

Common Flameback

Greater Flameback

Bamboo Woodpecker

Bay Woodpecker

Heart-spotted Woodpecker

Great Slaty Woodpecker

Long-tailed Broadbill

Banded Broadbill

Eared Pitta

Rusty-naped Pitta

Australasian Bushlark

Barn Swallow

Wire-tailed Swallow

Asian Martin

Red-rumped Swallow

Striated Swallow

Oriental Pipit

Olive-backed Pipit

Forest Wagtail

White Wagtail

Gray Wagtail

Black-winged Cuckoo-shrike

Rosy Minivet

Brown-rumped Minivet

Ashy Minivet

Small Minivet

Long-tailed Minivet

Scarlet Minivet

Bar-winged Flycatcher-shrike

Black-headed Bulbul

Black-crested Bulbul

Red-whiskered Bulbul

Sooty-headed Bulbul

Stripe-throated Bulbul

Flavescent Bulbul

Yellow-vented Bulbul

Streak-eared Bulbul

Puff-throated Bulbul

Ochraceous Bulbul

Olive Bulbul

Gray-eyed Bulbul

Mountain Bulbul

Ashy Bulbul

Black Bulbul

White-headed Bulbul

Blue-winged Leafbird

Orange-bellied Leafbird

Common Iora

White-throated Rock-Thrush

Blue Whistling-Thrush

Orange-headed Thrush

Long-tailed Thrush

Scaly Thrush

Chestnut Thrush

Gray-sided Thrush

Eyebrowed Thrush

Lesser Shortwing

White-browed Shortwing

Zitting Cisticola

Golden-headed Cisticola

Hill Prinia

Plain Prinia

Slaty-bellied Tesia

Asian Stubtail

Pallas' Warbler

Black-browed Reed-Warbler

Oriental Reed-Warbler

Thick-billed Warbler

Mountain Tailorbird

Common Tailorbird

Dark-necked Tailorbird

Buff-throated Warbler

Radde's Warbler

Buff-barred Warbler

Ashy-throated Warbler

Yellow-browed Warbler

Hume's Warbler

Arctic Warbler

Greenish Warbler

Eastern Crowned Leaf-Warbler

Blyth's Leaf-Warbler

Sulphur-breasted Warbler

Plain-tailed Warbler

Bianchi's Warbler

Chestnut-crowned Warbler

Striated Grassbird

Asian Brown Flycatcher

Slaty-backed Flycatcher

Taiga Flycatcher

Snowy-browed Flycatcher

White-gorgeted Flycatcher

Little Pied Flycatcher

Verditer Flycatcher

Large Niltava

Small Niltava

Hainan Blue-Flycatcher

Blue-throated Flycatcher

Gray-headed Canary-Flycatcher

Siberian Rubythroat

Siberian Blue Robin

Red-flanked Bluetail

Oriental Magpie-Robin

White-rumped Shama

White-capped Redstart

Plumbeous Redstart

Black-backed Forktail

Slaty-backed Forktail

White-crowned Forktail

Green Cochoa

Siberian Stonechat

Pied Bushchat

Gray Bushchat

Yellow-bellied Fantail

White-throated Fantail

Pied Fantail

Black-naped Monarch

Asian Paradise-Flycatcher

White-crested Laughingthrush

Lesser Necklaced Laughingthrush

Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush

White-necked Laughingthrush

Black-throated Laughingthrush

Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush

Abbott's Babbler

Buff-breasted Babbler

Puff-throated Babbler

White-browed Scimitar-Babbler

Eyebrowed Wren-Babbler

Pygmy Wren-Babbler

Spot-necked Babbler

Striped Tit-Babbler

Silver-eared Mesia

White-browed Shrike-Babbler

Chestnut-fronted Shrike-Babbler

White-hooded Babbler

Spectacled Barwing

Blue-winged Minla

Chestnut-tailed Minla

Rufous-winged Fulvetta

Brown-cheeked Fulvetta

Gray-cheeked Fulvetta

Rufous-backed Sibia

Black-backed Sibia

Striated Yuhina

White-bellied Yuhina

Gray-headed Parrotbill

Golden-bellied Gerygone

Great Tit

Yellow-cheeked Tit

Yellow-browed Tit

Sultan Tit

Chestnut-bellied Nuthatch

Velvet-fronted Nuthatch

Brown-throated Treecreeper

Plain-throated Sunbird

Purple-naped Sunbird

Purple Sunbird

Olive-backed Sunbird

Gould's Sunbird

Green-tailed Sunbird

Black-throated Sunbird

Little Spiderhunter

Streaked Spiderhunter

Yellow-vented Flowerpecker

Yellow-bellied Flowerpecker

Plain Flowerpecker

Fire-breasted Flowerpecker

Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker

Chestnut-flanked White-eye

Oriental White-eye

Japanese White-eye

Black-naped Oriole

Slender-billed Oriole

Black-hooded Oriole

Maroon Oriole

Asian Fairy-bluebird

Brown Shrike

Burmese Shrike

Long-tailed Shrike

Gray-backed Shrike

Large Woodshrike

Black Drongo

Ashy Drongo

Crow-billed Drongo

Bronzed Drongo

Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo

Hair-crested Drongo

Greater Racket-tailed Drongo

Ashy Woodswallow

Blue Magpie

Green Magpie

Rufous Treepie

Gray Treepie

Racket-tailed Treepie

Ratchet-tailed Treepie

Eurasian Magpie

Large-billed Crow

Golden-crested Myna

Common Hill Myna

White-vented Myna

Common Myna

Black-collared Starling

Asian Pied Starling

White-shouldered Starling

Chestnut-tailed Starling

House Sparrow

Plain-backed Sparrow

Eurasian Tree Sparrow

Baya Weaver

Red Avadavat

White-rumped Munia

Nutmeg Mannikin

Chestnut Munia

Common Rosefinch


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